Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art
32, Krasnoarmeyskaya-St.
Yekaterinburg, 620075

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Current exhibitions

An exhibition of works from project “Art-way: Polyphony of landscape” opened in the Gallery of modern art.

The works from project “Art-way: Polyphony of landscape” are introduced in Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art from 18 August. The exhibition organized by “Sinara Group” with support of Local government of Yekaterinburg was opened at the end of May in format of open gallery in car-free area on Vainera street.

The painting art-works and graphics of well-known Ural artists from gallery collection are included in the art-way. All posters are completed with QR codes which help to find information about every author. Now the project is prolonged and citizens can see the originals of the Ural artists from 18 August to 1 October in the gallery on exhibition “Polyphony of landscape”.

The Exhibition is opened from 18 August to 1 October 2017 in Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art, 32 Krasnoarmeiskaya st. Tel +7 (343) 350-22-00, 358-99-96.
Tickets: 200 rubles – for adults, 100 rubles – for students and seniors.
















Stately and stark beauty of Ural in  photos of traveller Sergey Makurin


25 of August in Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art the exhibition “On seven winds” of photographer and traveller Sergey Makurin will open in Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art.

The main subject of the exhibition – northern motives and winter landscapes. The exposition includes as classic landscape photos as abstract and surrealistic ones done in panoramic and modular way. Sergey Makurin travels in Russia and abroad a lot to find new subjects but Ural landscapes is the most inviting for him. The author considers that the Ural region is the most wonderful place in the world. Very often the artist travels in mountainous areas and poorly known, which are hard to get to. Because of this in professional circles Sergey Makurin is known as “Pilgrim from north”.

Sergey Makurin – a professional guide, a traveller and a photographer, a member of Russian Union of photographers. He was born in 1968 in Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk region. Now he lives in Krasnoturinsk. From his early childhood Sergey is fond of hiking, and always he took camera in his trips. In time this hobby became an important part of artist’s life.

Sergey Makurin is a laureate and a winner of local and international competitions of landscape and travel photo such as “National geographic”, “Dikaya priroda Rossii”, “Best of Russia”, “Photo-Travel-Awards”, “Polyarnaya perspektiva”, “Sever-strana bez graniz”, astrophotography  competition of NASA agency and many others. Sergey is the best photographer according to version of “Global Arctic Awards-2014”.

The exposition will take place at Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art from 25 August to 24 September 2017.

200 rub for adults, 100 rub for students and seniors.

Age 16+
















An exhibition of an Israeli artist takes place in Yekaterinburg


13 September as a part of Annual festival of Modern Jewish culture at Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art will be held an exhibition “Israeli dreams” – art prints of Masha Orlovich (Zefat, Israel).

The main part of exposition will consist of engravings such as etching, monotype and overlapping (embossing).  Using mix of dye images, embossing and incised lines of etching Masha create an effect of “dream” – images slowly appearing in memory. The author is interested in combination of different methods and genres, using different materials: oil, watercolors, etching and mixed technic, which includes elements of encaustic painting.


Dates 13-17 September


Tickets: 50 rubles




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