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Fatal beauties and cute girls “from the opposite house” – an exhibition of pin-up pictures is opened at the gallery

16 June to 3 September 2017 in Yekaterinburg galley of Modern art will be opened an exhibition “PIN-UP. Cover girls”. The exposition is devoted to the most flirty and exciting style in 20th century art. The project is created by Art-Bank organization (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

Pin-up appeared in USA at the end of 19th century and became the first style of western art, which was admired by wide audience before art dealers and critics. Awkward movement, naked shoulder, light breeze, skirt blow up showing garters – pin-up girls could intrigue not beyond the bounds of decency. Dream girls were on posters, calendars and booklets, double pages of Esquire and Playboy lighters Zippo and packs of cards.

These masterpieces of American graphics tells you the whole history of pin-up style: about appearing on the border of 19th-20th centuries, evolution during jazz epoch, the Great Depression and Hollywood’s Golden Age, rise during World War II and fall under pressure of sexual revolution in 1960s and revival at the end of millennium. The explosion includes also notes about the artists and their muses and about the atmosphere of that time: from fabulous burlesque shows to bikini revolution in fashion industry.

The exhibition “PIN-UP. Cover girls” is the 6th project of Yekaterinburg gallery of modern art and Art-Bank (Art Centre in Perinnye Ryady before), the first project was held in 2014.

You are welcome to see the exhibition till 3 September 2017 from 11 am. to 8 pm.

Tickets: 25 rub – for adults, 150 rub – for students and seniors.

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