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For the first time at Ural – the exhibition of artist Dmitry Kustanovich from Saint-Petersburg

We are pleased to introduce the main cultural event in Yekaterinburg this spring. The first personal exhibition of artist Dmitry Kustanovich will be held in Yekaterinburg gallery of Modern art 8 to 26 March. The artist prefers to work in his studio, and visit the event very seldom. In Yekaterinburg Dmitry will open his exhibition personally.
In December, 2009 to Dmitry Kustanovich was given the rank of the Academician of Academy of the fine arts and design (St. Petersburg). In June, 2010 the personal gallery of painting of Dmitry Kustanovich – "Kustanovich's Gallery" was opened in St. Petersburg on B.Konyushennaya St., 11. Located in historic center of St. Petersburg, the gallery became one of the cultural centers which were visited by Petersburgers and guests of "the northern capital". The artist's master classes, musical and creative evenings are regularly held in gallery. In 2012 the director Pyotr Soldatenkov, who is the author of the movie about Vladimir Vysotsky and many other known documentary pictures, submitted the new documentary about the artist Dmitry Kustanovich which is called "I love". On the 2nd of December in 2013 Dmitry Kustanovich was awarded by the Diploma of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga of Vladimir in Blessing for diligent works in glory of Sacred Church and in connection with the 300 anniversary of Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra of St. Petersburg.
Dmitry Kustanovich is the inventor of author's technology of painting that is why he entered into the modern art as the master who was distinguished by originality, recognition, depth of the contents and high level of execution. He created the graphic language based on personal, musical perception of world around. Much attention is paid to a surface of a work of painting, the most picture plane having huge value for formation of space of the image. Character of compositions, singular solution of a surface form specific dynamics of pictures of Kustanovich.
You can visit the exhibition from 8 to 26 March daily from 11:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.

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