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Development Zone

The project “Development Zone” opened in Yekaterinburg gallery of Modern art on 5 May 2017.

The exhibition was formed by art director of the gallery Elena Shipitsyna to introduce the most significant modern Ural artists. The exposition shows art territory expansion from 1970s-80s to nowadays.

In this project the Ural region is considered as a zone of ecological risk, natural anomalies and space and resources development, which forms special character if individuality. In the exposition more than twenty authors of different generations and stylistics are introduced such as Evgenii Malakhin (known as “Starik B.U.Kashkin”), Sergei Rozhin, George Mayer, Stanislav Sorokin and others. All of them are united with idea of coping with creativity stereotypes.
For the first time the exhibition “Development Zone” was shown in Museum of Contemporary Art “Erarta” (Saint-Petersburg) in autumn 2016 as a part of the project “Russia in Erarta”. It was the second project of gallery and museum.

Vladimir Nazanskii, the curator of “Erarta” museum said: “In this project not only artists from Yekaterinburg took part, but from Nizhnii Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, and Magnitogorsk. The exhibition became an event in cultural life of the city. Common features of social life and art practice became evident. Retrospective part of the exhibition attracted special attention of our visitors which introduced the Ural art of “perestroika” period and works of the young artists. More than 20 thousand visitors attended this exhibition.”

The second stage for this project was exposition in Novgorodskii center of contemporary art CZ “Dialog” (Nizhnii Novgorod) in February 2017.
Sergey Puhachev, the manager of the center of contemporary art commented: “The exhibition “Development Zone” was very important for Novgorodskii center of contemporary art. The goal of the project was introduction the art of other region to audience in our city. We never show before the history of avant-garde processes. Velikii Novgorod- the city with great history, but this project shows that we have another history, which we cannot find in books, which is not connected with names of politicians and generals, and we don’t know which one is more important. Creative processes in cities of northwest and Ural have also significant difference. Here artists trespass the borders of fine art seldom, “culture of laugh” is not so developed, we have less tries of aestheticization of non-aesthetic etc. The exhibition “Development Zone” became an important experience and a unique adventure for audience and artist in Nizhnii Novgorod.”

You can visit the exhibition from 6 May till 3 September 2017 every day from 11 am. to 8 pm.

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